NEON flux tower at Niwot Ridge, CO

Using models can enhance the impact of ecological research. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned modeler or a novice, setting up and running models designed for large spatial scales can be challenging. The NCAR-NEON collaboration makes the process simple.

We have developed new capabilities to easily run Community Land Model (CLM) simulations at NEON tower sites by setting up the appropriate model configurations, datasets, and initial conditions. With this new tool, CLM uses gap-filled meteorology from NEON tower sites, the dominant plant species is mapped to the appropriate model plant functional type (PFT), and soil characteristics used in the simulations are updated to match observations from NEON’s soil megapits. Gap-filled NEON tower flux data are also available for model evaluation. Additionally, all the commands to run the model are combined into a script that you can easily call from a single line of code.


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A number of researchers have played a role in developing the workflow and datasets used for in this project. Here’s a quick look at these contributors and their roles in this project and analyses of NCAR models and NEON data.

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This project is supported by the National Science Foundation Award Numbers 1755088 and 2039932 in partnership with the CISE, BIO, and GEO directorates.

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