Students at the 2023 Flux Course

Gordon Bonan lectures at the tutorial we offered for the 2023 Flux Course.


NCAR-NEON 2023 Tutorial Materials. Offered at the:

  • NCAR-NEON Workshop and Tutorial in Boulder, CO 
  • Flux Course Tutorial at CU's Mountain Research Station in Nederland, CO
  • ESA Short Course in Portland, OR [Agenda link]



The Community Terrestrial Systems Model (CTSM) has several configuration options. This project uses the Community Land Model (CLM) configuration which is the climate and biogeochemistry mode of CTSM. We refer to the model as CLM and will use version 5.1 with active biogeochemistry (CLM5.1-BGC). Additional information about CTSM and CLM is available on the CLM website, including:

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