conceptual diagram illustrating the integration of NEON data and NCAR modeling enabled through the NCAR-NEON system

Lombardozzi et al. 2023 GMD

This project links NCAR’s modeling capabilities with NEON’s measurement network through a cyberinfrastructure project that aims to drive scientific discovery and innovation at the confluence of the geosciences and biological sciences.

Briefly, the NCAR-NEON system make NEON measurements and NCAR models easier to use by: 

  • Gap filling NEON meterological measurements using a redundant stream method and formatted for use in the Community Land Model (CLM; the terrestrial component of NCAR's Community Earth System Model).  
  • Modifying surface datasets in CLM with soil physical properties from NEON measurements. 
  • Simplifying the steps needed to run single point configurations of CLM.
  • Downloading data to simulate ecosystem states and fluxes in single point CLM simulations at NEON tower sites.
  • Providing visualization tools to compare NEON's observed and NCAR's simulated data.
  • Reducing computing barriers by providing cloud and containerized versions of the code and computing infrastructure.

These new capabilities are packaged into a Docker container, CESM-Lab, so that you can run simulations on any computing system, including your laptop or the cloud. Within the CESM-Lab container, you will find tutorials that guide you through how to run a CLM simulation for a NEON tower of your choice and help you to access, process, and evaluate model simulations.

Preliminary results are published in this paper, and through interactive plots.

This project is supported by the National Science Foundation Awards in partnership with the CISE, BIO, and GEO directorates.

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